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Keeping you safe:


The COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat to communities around the world. With that in mind, photography services will be rendered in accordance with

the most up to date guidelines provided by the

Madison, Wisconsin Dane County Public Health Department.

Keeping you safe along with

our small team of three is a priority. Please review the preventative and cautionary steps we are taking for your photo session.

In Studio (Madison) and on Location:

Masks + Distance

  • Photographer, assistants and guests that are fully vaccinated will no longer need to wear a face covering in studio.

  • We advise un-vaccinated studio guests to wear masks in the building and in studio when not in session.

Hand Washing

  • Photographer and assistants are required to wash hands upon entering the building and hand sanitize upon entering the studio.

  • Clients and staff should use the provided CDC approved Purell hand sanitizer after touching surfaces and when exiting the studio.

Distancing + Capacity

  • Portrait sessions are generally shot from a distance of 6 feet or more. However, touching and interacting ( to adjust clothes, hair or direct the subject) is common. The above mentioned interaction will be on hold until further notice.

  • The 1,100 square feet studio space will hold no more than 10 people at one time and no more than 1 client OR 1 immediate family in the shooting bay, at one time. All staff will remain at a safe distance from clients/subjects.

Studio Cleaning

  • Hourly cleaning and frequent disinfecting of touched surfaces multiple times a day.

  • Frequently wiping down any shared equipment, such as work spaces, credit card machines, counter tops, set and props pieces.

  • Daily cleaning of common areas and equipment between use or sessions.

  • Bi-weekly deep clean of entire studio. Including steaming, disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces, shelves, props, floors, windows and 100% of the studio square footage.

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